Angela Simmons dances to Ciara’s “Ride”.

Who knew our girl could dance like that! Looks like she’s taking her new dance classes seriously! Angela tweeted the video of herself at a dance class with a popular Los Angeles choreographer. She tweeted, “No laughing lol my first dance class ha! Had fun thou.” and “If you give me a week I could perfect that dance. Even 2 days! Lol. Ok I’m done with my dance rant. Just loved it. ☺”

In her black Louboutin’s and bright patterned leggings, the Angela tweeted a pic with her choreographer saying “Me and @otheezy the woman behind the real magic.”

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One Response to “Angela Simmons dances to Ciara’s “Ride”.”

 Ariyana Miller  07.19.2011 | 3:12 pm

I Really Want those leggings When i Saw Your First Magagzine Saying which pastry girl are You and then i saw a girl modeling those leggings with matching vintage jacket and im just wodnering where can i get it or where can i order it because I really want them so bad.

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