JewelMint: The New Affordable Glamorous Jewelry

Girls, we know you love Angela and Vanessa Simmons, but note this: Kate Bosworth, the co-founder of JewelMint, is your newest definition of effortless style. Well, at least that’s what her stylist/friend, Cher Coulter said of her.

“She’s got this effortless approach to style, and never overdoes it. She’s also fun and fashionable and willing to take risks. She’s simple, chic and always looks happy in what she’s wearing.”

Bosworth, of course, has some fashion tips just for you.

Actress Kate Bosworth, much like the Simmons Sisters, is a prominent figure in the fashion world. She hangs out with the who’s who in fashion and this brought her into being the Calvin Klein jeans model back in 2008 and American bag maker, Coach, dubbed her as spokesperson. In 2010, Bosworth started her collaboraton with Coulter called “JewelMint” and the business has been expanding rapidly ever since.

JewelMint is “The ultimate source in affordable luxury” indeed, as it enables its members to get VIP treatment which includes getting their own stylists without paying the big bucks. Members of JewelMint are also able to get a personalized jewelry designed by Kate Bosworth which is hand-picked by both Bosworth and Coulter to tailor the members’ selections based on their fashion personality profile and style.

Various media has covered JewelMint including major publications such as In Style, In Touch Weekly, Teen Vogue and many more. We’re guessing it’s partly because they debut exclusive personalized jewelry designs every month only for members. How much? only $29.99 a piece. That is indeed affordable glamor. So why wait? Become a JewelMint member now!

This post was sponsored by Jewelmint.

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