Pastry Deal of the Day

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Pastry Deal of the Day: The Strawberry Sprinkles Cake Runners.  Only at Dr  These sweet treats will be looking hot on your feet and help you keep your cool.  That is cause these babies have some real shock absoprtion and great tread for better pavement control.  Now take on your day and create your own wows before the deal runs out.

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Gradeschool size: Valentines Cake Runners by Pastry

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Looking cute and running wild, will be the only thing on her mind after getting the Gradeschool size: Valentines Cake Runners by Pastry.  With hearts in red,pink, and silver she will definitely beam with joy.  I am loving that the colors are also striped along the side.  You will love that she is in a shoe that has non-skid soles and a comfortable insole.  All those hugs your gonna get are just gonna be icing on the cake.

These are available for every little girls to have happy feet.  That is because they come in Preschool and toddler size as well.

Available online now at Finish Line

Preschool size: Pastry Valentines Cake Runners

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Just in time no matter the holiday to get your hands on a sprinkling of hearts in red, pink, and silver.  A little girl is a precious gift to ever get.  A shoe with love written all over it is a precious gift to ever get for the little girl.  Cloud nine comfort for her feet is absolutely sweet.

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Peppermint Creme Cake Runners by Pastry

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A mint goes a long way to make a girl feel great.  These Peppermint Cremes will go an even longer way to make a girl feel fantastic.  A soft Peppermint Green all over the shoe is a lot better than the harsh and stark greens a lot of other shoe companies want to stick us with just so we stick out like sore thumbs instead sticking out for our fantastic fashion sense like a shoe should do.

Finish Line has these in stock now

Black Sprinkles Cake Runners by Pastry

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An oldy but a goody is back to make our new year rockin’.  I love the black, red color combo that Pastry does.  They always keep you guessing on how they are going to do it though.  They also keep me going back to the store for the newest power version they have made of my fave colors.  These shoes have class for the girly girl in us all.  Feel special and cool with a pair of your own.  Cause you certainly can’t have mine. LOL

Online at Dr. Jays

Tiffany Cake Runners by Pastry

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Does anyone remember the classic movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?  These shoes are made for making memories of our own.  The various shades of blue inspired by  Tiffany Jewelry are so light and airy giving a perfect feel for dreaming of our fantasy’s while hanging out in style.  Don’t forget these are Runners so they have added comfort for that morning walk or just an easier day at school.

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