Run-D.M.C announces reunion at Fun Fun Fun Fest in November

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The New York AP reported today (July 1oth)  the surviving members of Run-DMC , Joseph “Rev.Run” Simmons and Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, are set to reunite at the Fun Fun Fun Fest which runs from November 2nd to the 4th in Austin,  Texas.

The performance marks Run-D.M.C.’s first official together, since disbanding in 2002 after the murder of member Jam Master Jay in Jamaica, Queens recording studio.

The band plan to donate some of the proceeds to the Jam Master Jay’s Foundation for Music, which works to providing access to the arts.

For more information on the Fun Fun Fun Fest go to

New Season of Daddy’s Girls… COMING UP!

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Okay, so this is the day of joy for fans of Pastry shoes creators and owners, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, as Vanessa just posted a video on her Twitter of them just being silly.  You can see how these girls can have fun without even leaving the house.  All they needed was a little creativity and a little music.

Hilarious!! LOL!

Well they really do know how to work the camera, even when it’s only a laptop cam.  Maybe that is why MTV loves them. Oh haven’t we told you? Word is MTV recently announced that they’re going for another season of “Daddy’s Girls”. Yay!  No release dates yet, but it’s good to know that the Simmons Sisters are coming back.  And this news is probably why Angela Simmons wore a big bold “YES” out to lunch.

Angela YES 01

Angela YES 02

Angela YES 03

Any thoughts?

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Daddy’s Girls Finale: Back To New York?

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Finally the reality series came to an end. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

The episode starts with the Simmons Sisters hearing a good news about the upcoming Pastry store from Solomon.  Angela. Vanessa and Jessica didn’t look so excited when Solomon told them that the contract for the Pastry Store is ready.  Rev. Run who happened to be in town reminded the girls about the responsibility they have to take…

…and suddenly they got cold feet.

Vanessa seemed to take things lightly, optimistic that running the store and her acting career can go together.  Jessica suddenly thought of her lifelong dream of being a lawyer, and she wanted to move back to NY and apply into law school.  Personally, we here at, felt for Angela as she’s about the only one not having any plan of her own and would’ve gone stuck running the LA store alone had they gone forward with the store plan.  And weren’t you a bit disappointed that they decided to put the Pastry Shoes store on hold?  It’s true that they’re doing well anywhere else, but having a flagship store would be great too.


Well anyway, although the show came to somewhat a screeching halt when Angela and Jessica decided to move back to New York, leaving Vanessa to pursue her acting career and to be with her boyfriend, Mike Wayans, there were some memorable moments that are… well, memorable.

Vanessa and Mike at dinner with rev

Mike Wayans joins Rev. Run, Vanessa and Angela for dinner.

rev at dinner

Rev pulled a ‘Daddy-wants-to-spend-time-with-your-boyfriend’ spiel.  This usually makes any guy a bit nervous.  But not Mike.

smiley mike

He laughs and looked totally comfortable around Rev. Run.  Of course, he and Vanessa have been dating for 4 years! And now we all know why Nessa fell in love with the guy.  He has a cute smile indeed.

Meanwhile, Jessica looked really distressed.  Brian took her out to chill.  She didn’t look to chilled-out, though.

Jessica on surf board

About looks, well, Angela and Vanessa Simmons looked fantastic as usual.  Vanessa looked consistently cool with her ‘dropped shoulder’ look…

Vanessa worried about mike n dad

angela big hair

…while Angela channeled Diana Ross with the big hair and pulls it off!  Jessica looked great as well.  This girl has the BEST body ever.  Look at those seriously toned arms!

jess cool hat

Anyway, Rev. Run and Mike seemed to be having a great time together.  They went for a go-kart race, where Rev. Run insisted that Mike should go SLOW in terms of his relationship with Vanessa.  The whole go-kart thing was hilarious!

rev n mike on course

rev likes mike

Things looked pretty friendly with these men.  They even wear matching outfits! LOL

rev mike twins

mike n rev towel

The boys went outdoorsy too.  Rev. Run shared his thoughts and talked to Mike about the girls in the hot tub and when they were having BBQ.

mike rev at tub

mike n rev bbq

Okay, back to the season’s finale episode.  Let’s discuss this, Pastryheads.  Do you think the second season of Daddy’s Girls ended with a bang, or that they could have done better?

While you do that, we’re fine-tuning our radar to catch any news about the possibility of having Season number 3.

Daddy’s Girls Ep. 7: Jessica’s Crush Is A Hottie!

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Although the main plot (a.k.a. story about Vanessa and Angela Simmons) is great, in Daddy’s Girls episode 7, there’s somebody who stole the whole show just by appearing bit by bit.  But anyway, let’s revisit the story.  So, Vanessa and Angela Simmons as owners and creators of Pastry shoes scored a major interview with a major media: the OK! Magazine.  That’s huge in celebdom, and that will surely boost their exposure as well as promote their Pastry Shoes.  Vanessa told her dad, Rev. Run, who was kinda reluctant about the whole interview thing.  The next thing you know, Vanessa got a call from OK magazine, telling her that the interview was cancelled by their manager, a.k.a. Daddy Rev. Run.  The Simmons sisters were upset, but they simply couldn’t muster up the strength to stand up for themselves in front of Dad.  Here are some notable moments -and they happen to be funny too! LOL

Angela cant say no to dad

Angela practiced talking to her dad with this boxing doll.  Cute, but it didn’t work.

Vanessa talks to rev

Vanessa tried to talk to Rev. Run, but in the end, she gave Angela the phone and they hung up on Rev. Run…

a visit from rev

…who took it as a cue to visit the girls in LA.  Very funny stuff!

Meanwhile, cousin Jessica was getting busy at the basketball court, having a major crush on a cute guy named Shawn.   And Lynn, the boy expert, told her to change her outlook.  You know, wear sexier clothes on the court.

Jess Pastry Glasses

Yeah, Jess might have laughed it off… (wait, was she wearing the Pastry Sugar Pie Large Frame Glasses?)

Jess hot basketball attire

…but she decided to give it a try! LOL!  But seriously, Pastryheads, look at her toned muscles.  This girl has the goods to actually get ANY guy on the court.  It’s proven that the guys lost concentration when she showed up and played basketball in this attire.  And you’d have to appreciate her efforts because it was all done for this hottie.


And yes, in the end they went on a date.  Lovely!  And look at Jess so happy 🙂

Jess on a date

Oh well, hope things go smoothly between Jess and *ahem* Shawn.  They’ll make a cute couple.

In the end, Vanessa and Angela got the interview back, and Rev. Run apologized that he sometimes finds it hard to let his two girls actually do their job.  Everything went smoothly and the girls took Rev. Run to visit their upcoming Pastry Shoes Store.  Nothing in it yet, but you can see it’s kinda big.

The pastry store

Vanessa and Angela said there’s gonna be a bakery and stuff to match the store with the Pastry brand.  Sounds like a good concept.

What do you think about this episode of Daddy’s Girls, Pastryheads?

Vanessa and Angela Simmons: Off-Shoulder Actions Are Back

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If you watched the fifth episode of Daddy’s Girls, you’d notice something significant coming back from the eighties fashion craze.  After all the leggings, the ankle boots and the crazy colors -not that they’re bad or anything, but now you can actually see something elegant.  Check Vanessa and Angela’s getups:

Vanessa and Brian

Vanessa Meeting

Vanessa off shoulder

Vanessa seemed to be a fanatic of this look. LOL!  But she looks great in off-shoulder getups  as she usually does.  Angela also rocked a cute green number as the girls get ready for the mini-fashion show.

Angela off shoulder

The cutest of Angela’s chic outfits on the show would be her black and white tube top.  Loves it.

Angela Tube Top

Don’t you all think Ang is a little bit quiet in this episode, compared to the previous ones?  Wonder what’s going on with her.  Missing Skillz much, Ang?  Anyway, Vanessa also rocked some black and white action, again with her shoulder peeking.

Vanessa Baloons

Lynn white dress

So finally Nessa gave the modeling gig to Lynn.  She was so happy and look what she wore on the catwalk.  A gorgeous white Grecian-goddess-inspired toga dress with a cute skinny belt accent.  What’s a toga dress?  Well, in short, it shows off one of your shoulders.  That’s it.  The off-shoulder thing is officially a trend.  Watch out for it, Pastryheads!


One person who didn’t really go for the off-shoulder trend is former neighbor, Alycia. She made a surprise appearance, taking over Lynn’s job as a hostess as Lynn models.  Wonder if things are ok between her and Nessa as they’re rumored to be beefin’.

So what do you think, Pastryheads?  Ready to show off your shoulders?

Pastry Shades Alert!

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Okay so you’ve probably seen the sixth episode of Daddy’s Girls, where Angela was into DJ-ing and Vanessa played a prank on her, telling Ang that she’s gonna DJ to a sold-out crowd.  Lynn got a crush on Shawna’s cute brother, Joseph, and this bugged Shawna to the core.  But today let’s talk about something else because there’s one thing to celebrate and that is the arrival of the Pastry Shades!

Vanessa Shades

Shawna shades

Lynn Shades

Right.  Pastry Shades are now available to purchase and they match almost every outfit you have.  Here are some tips to care for your Pastry Shades:

– Get a case for your shades that will avoid them from breaking when you store them inside your bag. This will avoid scratches and cracks.

– Clean your shades everyday. Do not wipe your glasses when they are dry because it will just leave scratches and marks, which is damaging to the lens and to your sight in the long run. Use warm water and a little bit of soap to clean your glasses and get rid of the dust and oil from your fingerprints or face. Make sure you get the right type of cleaning cloth to dry your sunglasses and do not wipe them. Dabbing them dry is enough.

– To maintain the ear rails shape, do not ever remove your shades with just one hand by holding one of the ear rails. This will keep the shape of the ear rails as they won’t get bent. You must always remove your shades with one railin each hand. The hinges will be kept intact and won’t get loose because once it gets loose, you’ll get a pair of shades with a lop-sided frame.

– Storing your shades is an easy task although it might seem like a lot of work at first. Make sure you fold your sunglasses and set them down with the lens side facing upward. If you store them with the lens side facing down, they will be scratched and damaged. It is a good idea to wrap your shades with a clean cotton cloth before storing them so the lens will not be scratched.

Ready to get your Pastry shades, now?  Here’s one you might like:

Pastry Frostie Visor

Pastry Frostie Visor, $75.00