Strawberry Icing Fab Cookie Lowtops by Pastry

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A lot of Strawberry with a dash of silver, for a lot of wow.  These lowtops are the highest on my Pastry Kicks list of yums.  They are great for school and hanging with the peeps at the mall.  The shell over the toe is a sweet design and helps prevent to many toe stubs along your busy day.  Everybody say hey and rock out a pair today.

Finish Line is your stop for these Fab Coookies

Almond Icing Fab Cookie Lowtops by Pastry

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The Almond Icing Lowtops at first glance look a little plain, but look again and slip these puppies on you are in heaven in an instant.  A light shiny silver and baby blue make for a bright day in the high stress world we live in.  No worries for a girl wearing these that is for sure.  Well when it comes to comfort anyway.

Finish Line is the place to snag these

Pastry Choco Berry Fab Cookie Hitops

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Now these are a shoe for everyday coolness.  Getting around in the muddy streets of town won’t freak us out and worry us in these.  Okay maybe it will but at least we will look cool doing it.  Silver sprinkles on the ankle and toe make for some precious shine, along with the silver netting to help us net some fun.  With some added pink and yellow for a bit more of the girly look you will have a fashionable good time that is for sure.  They even come in Preschool and Toddler size so every girl no matter how small can have a taste of the good stuff.

Get your Fab on at the Finish Line

Raisin Fab Cookie Lowtops by Pastry

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A lot of mysterious black and a sprinkle and splash of grape go a long way into making these shoes look Fab Cookie good.  Perforated sides make for breathability even if your day doesn’t.  Non-skid soles make for excellent gripping power on those nicely waxed floors of the mall.  Ha you thought  I was going to say school who wants to wear these at school when you could be out flaunting your Pastry good looks everywhere else.  Besides at school you wouldn’t get any work done with having to answer all the oohs and ahhs that follow you around in these.

The Places to hit for these are:

Shiekh Shoes


Finish Line

Preschool size: Choco Berry Fab Cookie Hitops by Pastry

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These would be a perfect gift for the little gal in your family that needs a little taste of the Pastry goodness that every girl deserves.  A day at school will feel like a day at the park in these comfortable hitops.  Excellent ankle support and non-skid on the soles will make her want to sing and dance with her favorite jams all day long.  The laces with the mix of all the shoe colors are perfect for the little girl who still has not decided what her fave color is yet and will assure you that these shoes will go with most of the outfits in her closet.  Keeping you from having to say to her that she can’t wear her shoes today.  What mom doesn’t like that idea.  Oh and these shoes come in womens and toddler size as well so you can get your own pair too.

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Gradeschool size: Pistachio Fab Cookie lowtops

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Wow, now that is a cool shoe.  A little bit of shine, a little bit of polka dots, and a lot of fab.

Dressed up, dressed down, these shoes will be there for your kid.  I must say Angela and Vanessa a artists with a flare for fun.

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Shiekh Shoes

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