Check Your Emails, Pastryheads!

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Remember this survey, Pastryheads?

If you have participated in the survey, do check your emails (including the spam folder) everyday this week because you could be the winner of the awesome prizes.  The way it works is, we’ll send you an email to verify your email address, and you should respond to the emails we send you and follow the instructions in the email.  If you’re the winner, we’ll send you another confirmation email which will reveal what prize you won.

Some of you have responded to our verification email and do not worry, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’ve got some pretty awesome ideas for this website and thank YOU for all the great insights.  Hope we can give you what you really want as a readers.

So don’t forget to check your emails everyday!

Awesomeness of The Day: Pastry Shoe Cake!

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Take a look of this picture taken from Angela Simmons’ 21st birthday back in 2008:

Now, did you envy Angela Simmons for having such a cute pink present-shaped birthday cake?  Envy no more because we’ve got something that would make Angela herself would wanna get her hands on.  You see, Pastry fans everywhere stops by this site so much that they grew much love to Pastry Shoes.  Take Leah Melissa, a cake artist who lives in South Florida, for instance.  She emailed her creation that shows a LOT of love to Pastry shoes.  With much pride and joy, we present to you… the awesome Pastry Shoe Cake by Leah Melissa!

Look at the perforated top and the laces!  So realistic!

Okay, now you be the judge, does it look like the Pastry Glam Pie Hitops?

We say it’s freaking fabulous!!!! Thank you so much Leah!  Well done!

Pastry Fans Challenge: Are Those Pastry Shoes?

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Princess Tiana or shall we say Anika Noni Rose looked dashing in that green dress! She was caught in her all her fabulousness at The Princess And The Frog special event at The Mayfair Hotel on January 24, 2010 in London, England. Anika wasn’t alone, she was accompanied by girl friend Jamelia and her two fab little girls… who suspiciously wear matching pairs of Pastry shoes! Look a bit closer, Pastryheads, and tell us, are those girls rocking the Pastry Cherry Tartan Smoothie Hitop? Here, let’s check each detail from this picture!

Those little pink labels look soooo Pastry!  But let’s hear it from you.  How many of you think they’re Pastry Shoes and how many of you think they’re not?  Leave us comments!

Give Your Best Idea And Get FREE Pastry Shoes and More!

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We ARE mind readers when it comes to Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Pastry shoes and we know that you’ve been wanting free Pastry shoes from us for quite some time now.

Well, to kick off 2010, is giving away five $10 Amazon gift certificates to lucky survey participants, and TWO pairs of Pastry Shoes to participants with the BEST NEW idea on how to make this website better.

How to participate and get the chance to win:

1. Look at the top right of your screen and find the orange ribbon that says “Take Our Survey” and click on it. A popup window should appear. OR, fill out the survey right here. It’s the same thing.
2. Fill in the survey -it will only take a minute or two to do this- and give your BEST ideas on how to make this website better!
3. Give a valid email address in the last question. If your email isn’t valid, you won’t be eligible to win.

Last day of entry is Sunday, January 31st, 2010 at 11:59 pm, PST.

So what are you waiting for, Pastryheads? Fire away!

Image via PortEightyEight

Send Your Pastry Shoes Video And Get Featured Here!

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Remember this article, Pastryheads? Well, how about us reminding you again about it?

It’s holiday season and that means it’s time again for presents.  There’s nothing like getting the present of your dreams, right?  Have you written to Santa and ask for your own pair of Pastry Shoes this Christmas?  Well, why don’t you get your video cameras ready to show off your Pastry Christmas present, take a footage, describe why you love your Pastry Shoes in front of the camera, upload it to YouTube, send us the link and if you’re lucky… we’re definitely going to put your video up here.

If you don’t have any idea on what to shoot and what to say in the video, well… here’s an example.  Major props to Pastry Fan, Sigrid, for her awesome video.

Don’t be shy, show your prettiest smile and coolest swagger wearing your Pastry Shoe and tell us about why you love your Pastry Shoes, sing about it… even rap about it if you want.

And who knows… maybe just maaayybeee… you’ll be a blogebrity!

Send your YouTube links to baybecakes

How Much Do You Love Pastry?

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Calling all Pastry Fans!

So, we’ve been talking Pastry almost all year long and it’s probably cool if you can express how much you love Pastry Shoes, clothes, shades, heels, bags… anything Pastry.  Need an example?  Well, Pastry fan Janay Jackson made a video saying how much she loves Pastry.  Super props to Janay, by the way.  Good job, girl!  Check her out.

You think you can do better?  Some of you are probably gathering your Pastry stuff to show off right this minute. LOL.  Don’t blame you, who doesn’t want to show their Pastry stuff off?

But then, before we start anything, we gotta check.  

Would you do a video about how much you love Pastry, in order to win free Pastry Shoes?

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