Pastry Shoes: Steel Rose Glam Pie Hitops

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Now these kicks are ready to rock and make everyone wonder if you are some sort of secret star for sure.  Steel gray adds a bit of getting down to business color to the ivy texture climbing the sides and ankles.  A touch more diva style is added by way of pink and purple accenting and dazzling metallic laces.  Best of all the rhinestone encrusted GLAM and PIE lacekeepers are splashed with a bit of color as well.  Just goes to show you that Pastry is always on top of style.

Finish Line

Gradeschool Size: Pastry Glam Pie Hitops in Raspberry Ice

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When there is nothing better than to be treated with a sweet treat that will last all day. Hot pink patent leather accented with just the right amount of red makes this kick devine. Go glitz and glam any day of the week and be comfortable doing it.

Raspberry Ice Pastry available at Finish Line

Pastry Orange Giraffe Glam Pie Lowtops

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Now we are talking some real glitz and glitter here.  I love the orange it is not traffic cone orange like a lot of companies tend to make the mistake of doing.  The color kinda does remind you of a pie just like it should, beings that these babies are GLAM PIES.  You gotta love the dazzling silver giraffe print, that is really one of a kind for shoes.  Way to go Vanessa and Angela Simmons.  Keep cranking ’em out cause you are definitely on the right track here.

Getting Pastry online is easy at:


Blue Chocolate Glam Pie Hitops by Pastry

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These babies are hot, hot , hot.  So hot that even the star Skye from Sophia Fresh was wearing them recently.  How cool is it to see your fave shoes being rocked out by the stars.  Not hard to see why they would wear these though.  With the glitz worthy blue, eye popping yellow, and chocolate for a sweet topping.  Now is the time to grab the Blue Chocolate Glam Pie Hitops by Pastry and flex your feet to your fave beat.

Get your rockin’ kicks at:

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Glam Pie Hitops in Red by Pastry

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Rockin’ candy red to make your mouth water and your feet dance for joy.  There is no better way to get your groove on then to slip on the the Glam Pie Hitops in Red by Pastry.  Blue laces and rhinestone encrusted lacekeepers add the perfect amount of accent and bling to that hot, hot, hot red. With all that beauty you would think discomfort right.  Wrong, these actually have comfortable insoles and flexible soles to eliminate sore feet for sure.

Buy these hot treats online

Finish Line

Underground Station

Pastry Mocha Glam Pie Hitops

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Now these are kicks to be proud to wear.  The sunshine yellow for the laces and the soles are smile inspiring.  The purple is absolutely gorgeous and the pink with, what’s that, floral print.  Have we seen that before on our Glam Pies?  No we haven’t and  I am lovin’ it.  Mocha for my feet and a smile for my face.  What a combo.

Snap them up at the Finish Line