Pastry Fortune Cookie Shoes

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New Pastry Shoes alert at the Dr. Jays online store. The first two that I spotted are the Pastry Fortune Cookie Shoes that are heavily influenced by Chinese culture it seems. They feature all-over perforated detail on front toe rim, interior of shoe, ankle cushion and tongue, premium cushion on interior heel of footbed, faux croc detail on exterior trims, pieced tapestry style material with lurex design, no-lace design with rhinestone embellishments down lace lining, sides and down back ankle and pieced gold trims on sides.

pastry fortune cookie shoepastry fortune cookie shoe blue

The Pastry Shoes are available in the colors blue / white / gold (Fortune Cookie Blue) and black / red / gold (Fortune Cookie Black) at the Dr. Jays online store. Both retail for $65 and are available in sizes 7-11

Pastry Shoes Vanilla Chocolate Wafer

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The Pastry Shoes Vanilla Chocolate Wafer is one of my favorite Pastry Shoes from the Fab Cookie collection. It sports a Fab Cookie label on the tongue and a golden Pastry logo at the heel. The black and white contrast with hints of pink make the Pastry Shoes Vanilla Chocolate Wafer a must have if you ask me.

pastry shoes

The Pastry Shoe is exclusively available at the Shiekh Shoes or Finish Line online store. It sells for $59.99 and is available in sizes 6 to 10.

The following Finish Line coupons are currently valid:

Take 15% off any order over $90 with code 140388, expires 7/31
Take $15 off any order over $90 with code 455478, expires 7/31
Take $10 off any order over $60 with code 885421, expires 7/31

Pastry Shoes Strawberry and Almond Icing

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I would like to write about two of my favorite Pastry Shoes from the spring collection today. They are called Strawberry Icing FC Shell Toe and Almond Icing FC Shell Toe with lightly perforated detail on sides of body and on tongue and deep perforated detail on interior.

I’m a huge fan of the Strawberry Icing and if I had to pick one of them I would definitely go for it. Both shoes are currently sold for $59.99 at the Finish Line online store which is a bit sad because you can use the Finish Line coupons for purchases of $60+ only.

You could grab a Pastry Shell Toe Cinch Sack for $25 to make the $60 though. Here are two pictures of the Pastry Shoes and below them are the Coupon Codes that you can use.

pastry shoes almond icingpastry shoes strawberry icing

New Pastry Shoes and Handbags at the Underground Station

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It feels like a long time ago since the Underground Station added some new Pastry handbags or shoes to their online store. Today however was a special day. They added two new Pastry Shoes and three new handbags to their online store.

Both Pastry sneakers are from the new spring collection. One is the Pastry Lemon-Lime Sprinkles and the other the Pastry Candy Sprinkles.

Pastry Lemon-Lime Sprinkles

pastry sprinkles green

Pastry Candy Sprinkles

Pastry Candy Sprinkles

Both look fantastic, don’t you think ? On to the handbags.. They are currently not available in the store, I suppose this will happen anytime soon though.

Pastry Kisses Cinch Sack

pastry kisses cinch sack

Pastry Kisses Hobo Brown

kisses hobo brown

Pastry Kisses Hobo Pink

Pastry Kisses Hobo Pink

The easiest way to find the shoes and handbags is to follow this link and perform a search for Pastry on the Underground Station website. You could also use the Shop by Brand menu in the left upper corner and select Pastry from the Womens menu.

Fab Cookie Hi Top Collection

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The Fab Cookie Hi Top Spring collection has been updated as well and big images and names for all Pastry Shoes of that collection are now available. The Fab Cookie Hi Top are the Blueberry Creme, the Cherry Creme, the Candy Kisses and Chocolate Kisses. It seems that two of them, the Blueberry and Cherry Creme are already available at the Underground Station as well under the name Blueberry and Cherry Icing for the price of $69.99 each. The others are available from Shiekh Shoes

This confuses me a little bit because those are the names of two of the normal Fab Cookie shoes who are not available as Hi Tops. What do you think, are those shoes the same or are the Blueberry and Cherry Icing Mid Shoes two pairs that have not been mentioned yet on the Pastry Kicks homepage ?

Blueberry Icing Hi Top:

Blueberry Icing Hi Top:

Candy Kisses Hi Top:

Candy Kisses Hi Top

Cherry Creme Hi Top:

Cherry Creme Hi Top

Chocolate Kisses Hi Top:

Chocolate Kisses Hi Top

Last three Fab Cookie Spring Collection Pastry Shoes Pictures

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They are still updating the new Pastry Kicks website and finally managed to upload big images of the Fab Cookie Shoe collection coming out this spring. The three new shoes that have not been revealed yet are the Chocolate Wafer, the Blueberry Wafer and the Strawberry Wafer.

The four shoes that we already know about are the Valentines, Cherry Icing, Mocha Icing and the Almond Icing Fab Cookie. I did include their pictures in this article as well so that you can take a look at all shoes of the Fab Cookie Spring collection.

Currently available is the Valentines at the and

The others are available at Shiekh Shoes

Blueberry Wafer:

Blueberry Wafer

Chocolate Wafer:

chocolate wafer

Strawberry Wafer:

Strawberry Wafer

Almond Icing:

Almond Icing

Cherry Icing:

Cherry Icing

Mocha Icing:

Mocha Icing

Valentines Fab Cookie:

Valentines Fab Cookie