Fab Cookie Collection Pictures

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The updated Pastry Kicks website is showing mini pictures of seven upcoming Fab Cookie shoes among them four hi top shoes. The Hi Top Pastry Shoes have a name already but are not clickable yet. They are called Blueberry Creme, Cherry Creme, Candy Kisses and Chocolate Kisses.

There are three Fab Cookie shoes,a black, blue and pink one that have no names yet and are not clickable as well. The new Pastry Shoes look awesome and I hope they upload bigger preview pictures soon and add names as well to the remaining three shoes that have not been named yet.

Take a look below and let me know if you find larger images anywhere on the Internet.

fab cookie collectionfab cookie hi top collection


Red Velvet Cake Runner

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It seems that the online stores are finally beginning to stock Pastry shoes from the old and the new spring collection so that every Pastry fan gets the pair that he wants. The Red Velvet Cake Runner Pastry Shoes are from the new Spring Collection and are currently available at Dr. Jays in all sizes.

I’m not sure how much they got in stock but I would hurry if I were you, all the previous shoes were sold out in most sizes after 12-24 hours.

The Red Velvet Cake Runner sell for $65 at Dr. Jays which is the only online store that I know that has this shoe currently.

Red Velvet Cake RunnerRed Velvet Cake Runner 2Red Velvet Cake Runner 3

Fab Cookie Almond and Strawberry Icing

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The Finishline has two new exciting shoes of the Pastry Shoes spring collection on their website who can be pre-ordered and will ship in February 2008. The Pastry Shoes Fab Cookie Almond and Fab Cookie Strawberry Icing are both available for $59.99 at the Finish Line online store.

Make sure you get a pair before they sell out again, we all know that Pastry Shoes are in high demand. Which one is your favorite ? I prefer the Strawberry Icing one.

pastry shoes fab cookie almond icingpastry shoes fab cookie strawberry icing

Fab Cookie Boots of the Spring Collection

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Look what we’ve got here. Three new Fab Cookie Boots made their appearance on the Finish Line online store and guess who is one of the first to find out and write an article about it ? Yes, that is right, it’s Kit from Pastry Shoes.

The Fab Cookie Boots were always one of my favorites of the Pastry Shoes collection and the new ones live up to that. They look totally awesome, my favorite is the blue, pink and white Fab Cookie Boot Hi Top. But the other two are nice as well, take a look at the pictures to get a first impression.

You can also head over to the Finish Line who have the shoes in their shop. Currently that is, not sure how long supplies last. Click on the color pull down in the shop to view the other colors.

fab cookie boot blue pink whitefab cookie boot white blue yellowpastry shoes fab cookie boot chocolate cherry


Pastry Shoes Spring Collection shoes appear online

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The Underground Station seems to be the first place that gets the Pastry Shoes Spring Collection items. They have updated their online store with six new shoes from the spring collection and I can tell you, those look beautiful. I’m going to introduce to you the following new shoes of the Pastry Shoes collection.

The Womens Pastry Sugar Sprinkles in Pink, Gold and Blue as well as the Womens Pastry Fab Cookie Mid Cherry Icing in White/Red and White/Blue plus the Womens Pastry Fab Cookie Valentines in White/Hearts and I can tell you, they look awesome. Take a look at the pictures below and make sure you head over to the Underground Station asap if you want to secure one of those shoes from the collection because they will surely be sold out soon. Hint: Click on View All to display all shoes including all Pastry Shoes.

My favorite ? It is clearly the Fab Cookie Valentines which looks so cute. Ordered one right away from the Underground Station.

Womens Pastry Fab Cookie Mid Blueberry IcingWomens Pastry Fab Cookie Mid Cherry IcingWomens Pastry Fab Cookie ValentinesWomens Pastry Sugar Sprinkles - BlueWomens Pastry Sugar Sprinkles - PinkWomens Pastry Sugar Sprinkles - Gold


Sugar Sprinkles Sneaks in White and Gold

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Kristine informed me in the comments that she spotted a Sugar Sprinkles sneaker from the Pastry Shoes collection at the Underground Station. And she even did post a picture of the new shoe which looks totally awesome if you ask me.

It’s main color is white, hence the sugar reference in the name, with golden lines. The Pastry logo seems to be golden as well on top of the shoe. You can expect the same quality and comfort that helped establish the Pastry Shoes Collection so rapidly.

Thanks a lot Kristine for this wonderful find. If you find more let me know please. Just write it in the comments or send me an email, I will soon ad a contact to my website.

Sugar Sprinkles Sneaks