Best Pastry Deal of the Week: Pastry Candy Kisses Fab Cookie Hitops

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Okay I am always on the look out for the best Pastry Deals for even the smallest fan.  These cute Pastry Candy Kisses Fab Cookie Hitops are the top pick of the week.   They are great for any season.  Not only are they simply adorable they offer excellent support for those little feet that just learning to walk and show everybody how it’s done princess style.

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Pastry Toddler Size Strawberry Sprinkles Runners

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When are shoes needed the most?  Summer of course.  Little feet are eager to hit the ground running and if they aren’t in comfortable shoes there can be plenty of tears.  Pastry makes it easy to avoid those tears with shoes that fit better and flex easier with little toes. They also make it easier to find something that will go well with your little gals style.  With these sporty yet very cute Strawberry sprinkles you and her both will be very happy.

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Best Pastry Deal of the Day: Toddler Size Metallic Kisses Hitops

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Best Pastry Deal of the Day: Toddler Size Metallic Kisses Hitops

You read that right.  It is the best deal of the day.  Summer is on our heels and it is time to get some toddling around shoes for the Toddler you love.  Right now there is a huge sale going on at Dr and the best Toddler deal is the Metallic Kisses Fab Cooke Hitops.  She will look and feel absolutely adorable running through the yard in these.

Head on over to Dr before the deal is over

Toddler size: Cheetah Fab Cookie Zipper in Blue-Purple by Pastry

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These shoes are fabulous for little feet.  Hassle free zipper closure and comfort make these a more lovable shoe than most shoes. There is also the option of lacing them up.  Seriously though when your little one wants to get playing right away who has time for laces.   Dreamy colors of blue and purple with fun cheetah print are sure to entertain.  Most of all since these are Hitops they’re great for ankle support.  Especially for new walkers.

Dr. has these in stock right now

Toddler size: Glam Pie Hitops in Plum by Pastry

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Can’t says  I’ve got any idea as to who would want these cute shoes.  In the background a baby girl is jumping up and down wanting to see the pretty colors.  Her favorite colors are a good thing to keep in mind when choosing a shoe.  They are more likely to have fun in a shoe with pretty colors than they are in a shoe that has no attraction whatsoever.  These shoes definitely have pretty colors of purple, black, and yellow.  Non-skid soles and comfortable insoles get these shoes a thumbs up from mama and 10 toes from baby.

An extra sweet thing is that these come in womens and preschool sizes as well.

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Toddler size: Vanilla Sprinkles cake Runners by Pastry

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A deal to sweeten up any babies day.  A pacifier is cool, but they will love these.  They allow for comfort and flexibilty to run and play, without worry for you of what they may step on.  They feature little nubs on te bottom for better grip on those slippery kitchen floors we all know they love to run and play on the most.  A rainbow and confetti party of blues will help stave off the babies blues.  These are also available in Preschool and womens size. So a matching pair for you would look very cute.

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