The Simmons Family at Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards

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Amidst all the rumors surrounding her love life / friendship with Rob Kardashian, it’s good to see Angela Simmons still spends quality time with her family.  The Simmons clan -or in TV lingo: the full cast of Run’s House, appeared together at Nickelodeon’s 23rd Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, March 27th 2010 in Los Angeles.

The whole family was there without Vanessa Simmons.  Wonder where she went.  But then look at that! Jojo Simmons is not anymore the only hottie in the family.  Looks like Diggy who just got a major record deal is emerging as a very good looking young man -and a talented one at that too.  And guess what, little Russy isn’t anymore a little boy!  He’s lookin’ good and we’re all waiting on what will come from him in the future.  Check the swagger, maybe Russy’s cut to be a model!

Speaking of model and swagger, Angela Simmons appeared with her own style as usual, donning a yellow corset over a plain white tee.  See, Pastryheads, this is what we call creating your own outfit, and Angela Simmons is a champion.

Too bad we missed Vanessa.

Run DMC Street Renaming Ceremony – Videos

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As previously reported by, Run DMC was honored to have their group’s name as a street name in their old neighborhood in Hollis a couple of weeks ago.  If you weren’t there for the historic event, here are some videos from the cool people at RapRadar.  First up: The street-sign unveiling.

Rev. Run said a few words, looking a little nostalgic as he talked about how he looked up to the late DJ Jam-Master Jay.  Touching.  Next is DMC.

And last but not least, Jay-Master J’s mom.

It’s always heartwarming to see a legendary group that doesn’t forget where they came from.  Congratulations once again to Run DMC, and we all hope that Hollis will deliver the next generation of Hip Hop legends!


Diggy Simmons Raps: “She Don’t Want a Man”

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If you like Keri Hilson and Asher Roth’s track: “She Don’t Want a Man”, well you’re not the only one.  Diggy Simmons loves it too and he made a version of his own.  Check it out:

Diggy sounds pretty awesome!  Talent must flow real good in the Simmons family.  It started with Dad, Rev. Run Simmons, the pioneer of hip hop with his legendary group: Run DMC and on to Jojo Simmons who’s doing well with his group Team Blackout.  Angela Simmons attempted the singing track with her single “Center of Attention” but hasn’t been seen returning to the studio (don’t we all hope she will?) and now… another rapper from the Simmons family has emerged:  Diggy Simmons.

Will Russy Simmons follow suit?  We’ll just have to wait, won’t we?

Tell us, Pastryheads: I think Diggy’s version of “She Don’t Want a Man”…

a.  …is AWESOME!! I wish he’d do more songs!
b. …could use some improvement, he obviously got talent and I’ll be looking forward to his music.
c. …is ok, but it’s better that he pursue his artistic talent like fashion design.

Run DMC’s Street Renaming Ceremony: This Sunday!

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RUN DMC old skool photo

It’s finally happening!

Earlier we reported that Run DMC will be a street name in honor of their old neighborhood.  Well it’s finally happening, people. City Councilman Leroy Comrie recently enacted legislation to rename 205th Street and Hollis to RUN-D.M.C. J.M.J. The bill passed unanimously back in June and signed into law by New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

Run DMC, the hip-hop group pioneer which consists of Pastry’s own Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ dad Joseph “DJ Run” Simmons, Darryl “D.M.C.” McDaniels, and the late Jason “Jam-Master Jay” Mizell has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in April and now they’re officially an NYC street name. Talk about a year of accomplishments. Congratulations to RUN DMC, again!

If any of you Pastryheads happen to live around Hollis, you can attend the Run-DMC’s street renaming ceremony on Sunday, August 30, 2009 from 11 AM to 4 PM. The unveiling of the street sign begins at 1:00 PM. Who knows? You might just bump into Angela or Vanessa Simmons. And if you do, don’t forget to take some pictures and dish with all of us here.

Rev. Run and Justine Simmons’ Tips For a Happy Family!

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Rev. Run, the partriarch of the Simmons family is a generous man.  His wife, Justine Simmons is also a very generous lady.  Together, the couple shared their ways of making things work with their children -and each other, through their new book: “Take Back Your Family: How to Raise Respectful and Loving Kids in a Dysfunctional World“.

They don’t hesitate to share some of their secrets in creating the happy family we see through “Run’s House” these days.  Here they are talking to a reporter from Hip

Any thoughts on this, Pastryheads?

Behind The Scenes At Diggy Simmons’ Photo Shoot

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So, you probably know that being a Simmons kid is no picnic.  You might get to see them having all the fun in their reality show, “Run’s House”, but they have to be serious and motivated when doing their thing.  A photoshoot, as fun as that sounds, needs focus and concentration.  Diggy Simmons, like his older sisters, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, appears to have the same level of focus.  Some shots for the newest Run’s House season?

Diggy Photoshoot

DIggy Photoshoot w Russy

Here’s the behind-the-scenes video of the shoot.

Okay, be honest, Pastryheads.  Who do you have a crush on?  Diggy or Russy?  LOL!