MTVs Daddys Girls: Alycia, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Jessica

After five seasons of being in Run’s House, Vanessa and Angela Simmons are moving to L.A. to start their own lives, and the Simmons sisters are getting their very own reality series to document their adventures.

MTV spinoff  “Daddy’s Girls“, tells the story about the girls’ new independent lives, still under dad Rev Run’s remote supervision from the East Coast.

In Daddys Girls, we will see Vanessa Simmons develop her acting career in Hollywood. Vanessa will star in her first major feature film “Boogie Town”, scheduled to be released summer 2009.  She’s rumored to be in another production as well (title unknown as of yet).  Will we see either movie in Daddy’s Girls?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Angela Simmons will be busy setting up west coast Pastry operations including a new Pastry store in L.A., and checking out the best parties and events in town.  What will happen to Angela’s magazine “Angela’s Rundown”?

The girls won’t be alone in the City of Angels, as they are going to be accompanied by their cousin Jessica and their West Coast best friend, Alycia.  Jessica with her business degree will help Angela and Vanessa stay grounded and concentrate more on the Pastry biz, while Alycia, the gorgeous aspiring singer who lives on a budget, will also be a part of their everyday activities.

Angela and Vanessa Simmons promo for Daddy's Girls

Angela and Vanessa Simmons promo for Daddy's Girls

Being on their own doesn’t mean the Simmons girls are cut off from their family.  They will frequently update Dad Rev. Run about their lives.  They’ll also interact with Uncle Russell Simmons in managing the Pastry business, and we’ll see the girls doing some real wheeling and dealing.

Angela and Vanessa along with Jessica and Alycia will not always be working. They’ll have fun, playing and shopping, doing their thing. The girls were always careful not to expose their dating lives on Run’s House, so it remains to be seen whether they will open up a little more on the subject of romance, now that they are older. The girls are growing up, but they are still Daddy’s Girls.

Daddy’s Girls is currently airing on MTV on Mondays at 10.30 PM EST/PST.

daddy's girls with vanessa and angela simmons