Pastry Gold-Lavender Glam Pie Lowtops: Fan Review

Glam Pie Gold Lavender Lowtops by Pastry Shoes


I give them out of 5 stars: 5 out of 5!

What I like: Everything! The Gold and Purple colors on the shoe. I’m in love with the Rhinestone lacekeeper. The logo on the heel, the diamonds. Anybody who is anybody should love that shoe. Even boys should love it! =]

What I donʼt like: That is the most funniest question ever. Who would ask that? I LOVE THIS SHOE!

Iʼve had these kicks since: July 3! On my birthday. I wore them around the house and everything.. My daddy even surprised me with the matching bag when I was looking at some more Pastry Kicks. omg I love Finish Line. =D

Who bought them: My daddy. He buys all my Pastry Kicks for me! Even the matching bags.
What people say when they see them: ” You are killing them shoes” ” Where did you get them? ” I love your shoes, what kind are they” ” Girl, you got too many Pastry, you need to to stop wearing them” ” Bebe, I am too jealous of you.” ” You rocking them Glam Pie girl!”

If there were no Pastrys, Iʼd rock: I WOULD DIE IF THERE WAS NO PASTRY. But if there was no Pastry, I would probably rock some Jordans or Air Forces. Maybe even some Baby Phat shoes. =D

If I met Angela and Vanessa, Iʼd say: Exactly what i said when i met them =]. ” You guys are my role models. I really really love you guys. You two are big role models for young girls. Someday, i want to be just like you.”

My Rundown: When i first saw the new Pastry Commercial on TV, i screamed to the top of my lungs. I went to Maryland, to visit my daddy for Christmas, and he ask me the question he asks me every year. ” What do you want for Christmas” and the tv was on, and the Pastry Commercial came on again. ” DADDY I WANT ME SOME PASTRY KICKS!” But no Christmas Tree this year. So i didn’t see my Pastry under the tree, instead we went to Finish Line. I saw different kinds of shoes, looking for Pastry. Until i saw some Blue and Gold Hi-Tops. “OMG, DADDY THOSE ARE PASTRYS!” I need them so badly” Soo he got them for me and even the matching bag. Since that day, I always been rocking my Pastry Kicks.

Thanks Bebe!

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 Allison  11.22.2008 | 11:44 am

nice review

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