Daddy's Girls on MTV Tonight


Daddy’s Girls” start their journey tonight of taking over L.A. and calling it their own.  We get to watch them tonight and every Monday night on MTV at 10:30/9:30c.  Tonight is the first episode of our peak into their lives as single girls in a city all the way on the opposite coast from their daddy.   I wonder how many calls they will make to their daddy before the episode is over. LOL

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3 Responses to “Daddy's Girls on MTV Tonight”

 Imani  01.7.2009 | 1:23 am

This is a very cute picture….the two sucessful sisters! love ya girl Imani

 Alyson  01.8.2009 | 3:39 am

WOW umm sur-weet

 Alyson  01.8.2009 | 3:55 am


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