Vanessa and Angela Simmons: How to Become a Fashion Designer

I always try to know my readers better, and here at PSC, I try to give new knowledge to you all every day. We know a lot of you out there follow V&A because someday, you want to get involved in the fashion world like they did.

Your friends admire your style, you love clothes. So why not try to apply that to a career as a fashion designer, or start your own clothing brand?

Here’s Vanessa and Angela Simmons sharing their tips on how they became successful with Pastry Shoes and what’s you’re in for if you pursue a line of work in fashion.  Check em out:

Whoaaaa!  Sounds like a LOT of work. Angela handles the creative side, Vanessa leads the business angle. Both went to college to get degrees in their specialties.

So aside from knowing how to draw and having design talent, you’d have to know the commercial side of the fashion world too, so you’ll know when people are messing with you.

Who would’ve thought that Vanessa would admit she doesn’t really know about fashion?  Girl’s got a ton of personal flair. And Angela… omg, I would kill to see her portfolio.

Do you find the video inspiring?

Who here wants to be a fashion designer?

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18 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons: How to Become a Fashion Designer”

 Kayvona_B  01.19.2009 | 6:06 pm

im so glad they made this video because i want to be a fashion designer and go to school for both fashion and business. i will definitely use their advice

 Nayanay912  01.21.2009 | 12:39 am

same wit me :p

 Kid_K  01.19.2009 | 8:18 pm

good advice…

 pastrykicks21  01.19.2009 | 9:09 pm

i dont want to be a fashion designer but i love how they made dis video to help ppl that do.

 LOVABELL  01.19.2009 | 11:23 pm

Good tips, but it's definitely not that complicated. I learned to sew in highschool. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. Secondly you can sketch out your designs and find a manfacturing company to sew them for you. China in particular has great manfacturing companies. Contact them, send your design sketch there, then pay for them to make your clothes and they will ship it back to you

 baybecakes  01.22.2009 | 5:36 pm

good advice! sounds like you're already doing your fashion designer thing

 Mz+PaStRy  01.20.2009 | 12:58 am

Hey itz Mz+PaStRy,

Nd I Find this Video inspiring,
But my main goal in life is to model
and then open my own Agency,
So I understand Vanessa's point,
You have to know the business
So know one can play Mind Tricks
On you in the Industry.
This has helped me out in seeing
My Future College I want to go to.

 kenya  01.20.2009 | 2:11 am

head straight.
great advice.
my futer job is a fashion designer/lawyer.
i need 2 study hard!

 precious  01.19.2009 | 10:12 pm

I love your tv show.

 Precious  01.20.2009 | 5:18 am

I ' love run huose I LOVE YOU SHOW.

 Allison  01.20.2009 | 7:50 pm

Yea, I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was like 10!!! It is so hard!!!! You have to sketch, sew, be creative, it is 1 of the most demanding jobs out there!!!
I'm a junior and this fashion school is already trying to get me!!!! So happy!!!
But if you have drive to do something you can definitely can do it!

 Naynay912  01.21.2009 | 12:40 am

same here! i sooooooo wanna b a fashion designer! nd dats soo coool dat a fashion school wants yew!!!!

 baybecakes  01.22.2009 | 5:37 pm

would love to see your sketches allison 🙂

 Allison  01.22.2009 | 10:17 pm

Yeah, you know FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, in California? They are trying to get me to apply and send in my stuff, and I'm a junior in high school!!! My dad doesn't want me to go there, because it's in California and I live in Pennsylvania

 Luz  01.20.2009 | 8:52 pm

omg i so do!
my dream is 2 design 4 Pastry, i would kill 4 that job!
oh and by the way i got the new Pastry Glam Pie Boots in purple 😀

 JuneBaby  01.21.2009 | 10:33 pm

that was really some great advice. i really want to get into the fashion industry as well. im a freshman in high school and ive been sewing like forever. i make my own clothes and everything. also over the summer i took clases at FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York and it was a lot of fun. im hoping someday that i can start my own fashion line. i want to go to school for business so i figured that if i continue to take summer clases at FIT i can balance the two out.

 nettie  01.22.2009 | 4:34 am

Great Advice! I really do look up to them both!

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