Pastry Mocha Glam Pie Hitops: NEW RELEASE



$69.99 Available only HERE

The Pastry Glam Pie Hitops in Mocha say fun on the run to me.  Put these babies on and there is no stopping me from having a good day.

The mix of purple, pink, gray, and yellow really pop.  Those of you Pastry fans with sharp eyes: did you notice the brand new floral print they added to the shoe? Righteous!

Pastry Mocha Glam Pie Hitops feature:

  • Fun colors in patent leather
  • Non-skid soles so we’ll always look cool
  • Floral print placed everywhere we need it
  • GLAM and PIE lacekeeper charms splashed with rhinestones
  • Colors: Purple, Pink, Yellow and Gray

MOCHA PROPS to SUPERFAN Glenda (279, 1 extra for being first) SUPERFAN *Allison* (187) and SUPERFAN *Aleeza* (131)  for the tipoffs!

$69.99 Available only HERE

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13 Responses to “Pastry Mocha Glam Pie Hitops: NEW RELEASE”

 De_Pastry  01.26.2009 | 8:07 pm

intresting colors not my style

 Ashlii  01.26.2009 | 8:26 pm

They cute :]

 mz.pastrylover  01.26.2009 | 1:59 pm

these pastry are hot. i must have them. i saw these online at finish line and im try 2 get them.

 baybecakes  01.26.2009 | 9:32 pm

I really like them. there's been about 20 different Glam Pie colorways already released, but I like how V&A can just change the fabric, colors and add a pattern and they have a completely different looking shoe!

 pastrykicks21  01.27.2009 | 4:18 pm

I love that 2 becuz then there is different colorz for everybody and no one really ends up with the same onez, at the same school.

 bookluver  01.26.2009 | 9:35 pm

one word to describe these pastry shoes: BEAUTIFUL!

 Kayvona_B  01.26.2009 | 10:12 pm


 pastrykicks561  01.26.2009 | 10:53 pm

this pastry shoe is hott

 LUZ  01.26.2009 | 7:53 pm

i like a lot!!!
liek the different colors!
hey wat happened 2 the other comment things

 PoohBear11  01.27.2009 | 10:20 pm


 marvelousee  03.8.2009 | 3:20 pm

i have thiesz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

 dashia  07.30.2009 | 6:50 pm

i just got these there the shid

 dashia  07.30.2009 | 6:52 pm

i wonder if the wrinkles on the tip of shoe by the toe is suppose to b there cuz its on the shoe now n the 1s i just got the wrinkles was there 2 ????/

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