Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Favorite Pastry Items!

This is exactly why I can never be a designer.  First I’m not that good in drawing, and second… I wouldn’t be able to answer this simple question:

“What’s your favorite from all your designs?”

I would answer: “Are you kidding, of course I love ’em all!”  LOL.

And that’s why the Simmons Sisters, Vanessa and Angela, are much better designers than I’ll ever be, because they answer pretty easily without playing favorites, when asked “Which Pastry item do you like best?”.  Take a look at this video.

What do you think about the items V&A picked as their faves? It’s a shame because NONE of them are available right now. The Neo Berry fanny pack  and the Candy Chukka sold out a longs time ago. The Double Delight colorway hasn’t been released yet. Grrrrr

I love all Pastry stuff.  But lately I’m kinda into Pastry boots.  You can love all Pastry but there’s gotta be something you’re REALLY into at the moment.  Let’s do a little survey here:

What Pastry gear are you most into right now?

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6 Responses to “Vanessa and Angela Simmons’ Favorite Pastry Items!”

 Allison  03.5.2009 | 5:01 pm

I really love Pastry hitops, especially the summer fruits(which haven't been released yet) I also love Pastry clothes tho

 Ashlii  03.5.2009 | 9:43 pm

Haha see im more like Angela….I dont realy like da stuff nessa picked but dahs juz me!

 aryana  03.10.2009 | 10:30 pm

yeah i like angels stuff better..i luv high tops..i think my fave r mocha raspberry of all but idk its hard these so many cute thingz. its like pick ur fav kid lol

 aryana  03.10.2009 | 10:32 pm

i mean Angela lol

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