Daddy’s Girls: All Camped Out!

The thing about Vanessa and Angela Simmons is that although they’re really busy, they always have some room for fun. On the third episode of their reality show, Daddy’s Girls, they had themselves some outdoor fun.  Too bad things weren’t as good for cousin Jessica as she was left home alone with the super bratty Danielle.  A lot of you might not like the girl so much, but if you have a little compassion, you’d see that Danielle isn’t all that bad.


Jess might be pissed that Danielle is throwing food for her dog, Oreo, on her bed.  That’s not a really nice thing to do… but maybe Danielle feels unwelcomed and that’s why she pulls an attitude.  Come on, look at her, has she even smiled once since she arrived?



Poor thing.  It’s good that she moved back to New York, where she can be happier.  Besides, don’t you think Angela is playing a little bit unfair this time?  Why bunk this girl in with Jess?  Maybe things would have been a little bit better if Angela at least shares her own room with Danielle, knowing Vanessa isn’t a big fan of the girl.  Any thoughts on this?

Let’s just talk about the camping trip, guys. What do you think about Angela’s outdoor swagger?


Loving the attire.  And as silly-looking Vanessa and Shawna were, you’d know they have style.  Don’t you just love Nessa’s shades?

nessa screaming

More sillines:  remember the fishing dance they invented?

fishing dance

Although the fish a waste as Shawna burned it, they still manage to have fun. LOL!  Poor fish!

burnt fish

But the best thing about the whole camping out thing is sitting by the fire, talking about stuff and just really bonding with one another!

Until the mountain lion sounds, that is. LOL.

Oh, by the way, before finally deciding on joining the girls on their camping trip, Brian and Jessica checked out the space for the Pastry store.  That is some huge space!

pastry space

Anyway, which part of this Daddy’s Girls episode do you like best, Pastryheads?

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One Response to “Daddy’s Girls: All Camped Out!”

 Kid_K  09.1.2009 | 10:56 pm

Jess offered Danielle to bunk with her and she abused her privilage…yea she might have felt like a third wheel but that is no excuse to be a messy roomate…I think if Ang had gone about it more properly everyone would have knew what to expect….

Ang's rain boots where super cute…Shawna, your suppose to gut the fish and cut it before taking it to the heat…lol

and about the space Jess and Brian were looking at I LUV it…very roomy, a lot of pastry shoes could fit in there…

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