Angela and Vanessa Simmons at the Bahamas!

The Simmons Sisters spent last weekend in the Bahamas, chillin’ at the beach with their uncle Russell Simmons and cousins Ming and Aoki.  Also seen at the trip was Julie Henderson, uncle Russell’s supermodel girlfriend and she seems to get along really well with Ming and Aoki.  All girls looked fabulous and the weekend must be a great one.  Check out pictures taken by Uncle Russell.

VA Bahamas 04

The weekenders.  What is it about Vanessa and Angela? They always look fabulous!

VA Bahamas 01

The girls with Julie Henderson and their cousins, Ming and Aoki.  Cute!

VA Bahamas 05

The girls again but now in bathing suites.  Check out Angela’s supersexy bikini! And she has amazing bikini bod thanks to all the exercises.  Vanessa’s wrap is also cute.

VA Bahamas 02

VA Bahamas 03

Julie, Ming and Aoki also had  fun in the sun.  Aren’t you jealous?

So speaking of island vacations, we all have our preferences.  If there’s an opportunity to go on a free vacation, which of these islands will you go to, Pastryheads?

a.  The Bahamas
b.  Bora Bora
c.  Hawaii

Images via TheYBF and Bossip

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3 Responses to “Angela and Vanessa Simmons at the Bahamas!”

 Kid_K  10.16.2009 | 8:19 pm

C) all of the above

BTW…cute pics…luv Ang's swimsuit…Ness looks great…and Ming and Aoki are the cutest!!

 Blueheart79  10.21.2009 | 3:30 am

I would love to go to Paris there is no chance of drowning there well except on the way there. LOL

 Star  10.22.2009 | 2:32 am

theyy lOOK niceee – i would love to go to hawaii ! i have been telling my mother that we should go soon ! but then i want to go to other places as well as the Bahamas ! SO ALL OF THEM = )

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