Pink Wedge Boots by Pastry

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The Pink Wedge Boots by Pastry are simple but extremely elegant.  These are for the gal who likes a little mystery and a lot of luxury without the high price tag to go with it.  A sweet pink velvety feel on the outside and a soft furry inside make for comfort when trudging through the awful muck of the city.  Feel good, look good, and best of all keep warm.

Solestruck has your luxury

Pastry Marshmallow Wedge in Dark Chocolate

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The Wedge Boot in Dark Chocolate will take a girl that is very confident with her self.  Cause they are not for the typical gal at all.  There is so much style here that a shy gal simply could not handle.  They feature Velvety Dark Choclate and Gold that looks like caramel on the heels.  A jazzy dog tag with the Pastry logo and a collar that will fold down for added sweetness.  To top of this hot boot is the pink sewn down the sides and around the ankles.  Remember only the most confident shorty can pull off these.  Are you confident, my peeps?

Style for the strong willed can be found at

Black Marshmallow Wedge Boot by Pastry

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Wee doggy these are a fine looking boot. LOL.  I am sorry  I had to do it.  Seriously these are a great looking boot.  A luxurious soft black, with pink seams for a blast of wow. The fact that these are a wedge make for perfect back support and added height as well so we can see the cute guys over our friends heads;  who knows  maybe get the guys attention walking around in these as well. is the place to look for these online

Marshmallow Boots sale at Dr Jays

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The Marshmallow Boots have seen some mixed reviews in the past and it seems that most online stores are offering them with huge price reductions. My guess is that once those boots are sold out they will not come back which means that this could be your last chance to grab a pair of boots before they are sold out.

Dr. Jays is offering three pairs currently the brown, black and berry Marshmallow Boot for a reduced price of $66.98, $64.98 and $61.99 respectively which is almost 50% off. Click on the pictures of the boots below to be taken to the Dr. Jays online store.

pastry shoes brown marshmallow bootpastry shoes black Marshmallow bootpastry shoes berry marshmallow boot

Grab your Marshmallow Boots now

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While the Pastry sneakers are doing phenomenal the boots file out of place somehow. It’s just a feeling that I have but after talking to a lot of other Pastry fans I know that I’m not alone in this believe. The Marshmallow Boots do not fit into the rest of the Pastry Shoes Collection and seem to sell badly compared to the sneakers.

I know that some of you like the boots nevertheless and I would like to point you to the Finish Line online store that is offering three Marshmallow Boots, the pink and dark & milk chocolate one, at a reduced price of $89.99 instead of $120.

So, if you are a fan head out and get your pair. I however would prefer to wait and get some nice and shiny Pastry Shoes from the spring collection instead.

marshmallow boot dark chocolatemarshmallow boot milk chocolatemarshmallow boot pink

Pastry Marshmallow Boots Black

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I’m not such a big fan of the Marshmallow Boot collection and think that it does not fit properly with the rest of the Pastry Shoe collection. I know several women and girls who live them however, my best friend has actually a pair of the Marshmallow Boots in Black flavor.

Each to his own I say. Fabric is of leather and man-made materials as always, it has a detachable gold I.D. tag on heel, faux fur lining and leather upper. Think most of it can be seen on the screenshots that I provided. Shoes are on sale at Dr. Jays currently for $120. Shiekh Shoes also has these for $89. Enjoy the pictures..

Marshmallow Boots Black 1Marshmallow Boots Black 2Marshmallow Boots Black 3Marshmallow Boots Black 4Marshmallow Boots Black 5