Pastry Glam Pie Hearts Hitops: New Release



$79.97 Available only HERE

The Pastry Glam Pie Hearts Hitops are like  hugs for your feet.  They remind me of pure comfort and love.  These are a shoe that can take me out any time. Vanessa and Angela Simmons sure know how to take care of us.

And it’s the first Pastry Shoes reminder that VALENTINE’S DAY is in less than a month!

Pastry Glam Pie Hearts Hitops feature:

– Felty softness all over covered in pink hearts

– Patent leather heel and toe

-Metallic-flecked pink laces

-Double heart lacekeeper TOO CUTE

Colors: White, Grey, Pink

I HEART PROPS to SUPERFAN Glenda (268 tipstars, 1 extra for being first), SUPERFAN *Allison* (182) and Jennifer B (3 tipstars) for the tipoffs!

$79.97 Available only HERE

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14 Responses to “Pastry Glam Pie Hearts Hitops: New Release”

 De_Pastry  01.22.2009 | 6:37 pm

first to comment…love these gonna get them next school year

 De_Pastry  01.22.2009 | 6:37 pm

first to comment…love these gonna get them when the price go down

 baybecakes  01.22.2009 | 9:47 pm

lol they are cute aren't they. wait til you see the rest of the valentine's day gear

 De_Pastry  01.22.2009 | 10:55 pm

cant wait

 bookluver  01.23.2009 | 8:23 pm

me either

 pastrykicks21  01.22.2009 | 6:47 pm

I love dez n De Pastry I hear ya wen da price go down im gettin em 2 i got a car payment dis month lol.

 Ashley  01.22.2009 | 8:46 pm

on there original website ( you can get them for 69.99 and free shipping.

 De_Pastry  01.22.2009 | 10:56 pm

yea i saw that…they finally got my size

 mz.pastrylover  01.22.2009 | 11:35 pm

these are cute and these would be alsome for v-day. at they only 70.00 dollars and free shippin. u aint gotta pay 80.00 bucks..;…………….. saw these at

 Kid_K  01.22.2009 | 11:43 pm


 Kayvona_B  01.23.2009 | 2:03 am

so kute, yea these would b great for VALENTINE’S DAY!!

 nettie  01.26.2009 | 4:56 am

im gonna get these

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 akisha  07.3.2010 | 6:55 pm

these shoes are so pretty my cousin is getting it for me

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