Pastry Postcard Wishes Tee in Pink



Pastry Postcard Wishes Tee in Pink

$24. Available only HERE

From your girls Vanessa and Angela Simmons. Now this is one memorable tee.  Every girl loves her some pink.  I know I do.  The postcard theme is so cute.  It makes me wanna get away and enjoy a day on the sun.

The back has a cool thing going too.  It is addressed to New York.


Back of Postcard Wishes Tee

Pastry Postcard Wishes Tee in Pink features:

A Postcard from Pastry

Cotton and spandex material for a better fit

Tunic style in length for excellent coverage

Color: Pink

SWEET PASTRY PROPS to SUPERFAN *Allison* (288, 1 extra for being 1st) and Pastry Judge LUZ for the tipoffs!

$24. Available only HERE

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5 Responses to “Pastry Postcard Wishes Tee in Pink”

 France  05.22.2009 | 3:25 am

The idea is cute, but could have been executed better. The shirt looks cheap…frankly speaking

 rhaps  05.22.2009 | 6:17 pm

I think it is cool no pun intended

 pastrykicks561  05.22.2009 | 12:31 pm

dis is cute.

 Kayvona_B  05.23.2009 | 9:05 pm

I love this!!! Its suppa kute1 it comes in white too, i think i will def be getting both colors this summer

 Blueheart79  05.31.2009 | 2:19 am

I like but I think the back should have the postcard else where

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